Redefining IV Therapy With Luxury and Sophistication

Discover why professionals, athletes, and health and wellness enthusiasts choose Ascend to optimize their vitality.

All-natural ingredients for prime health and longevity

Administered by personable, experienced nurses

Simplified booking process for individual or group sessions

Soothing, refreshing amenities

Prompt, timely service

24/7 clientele support

Expertly Crafted Medications

Ascend offers a tailored approach to IV
therapy with four unique formulations.

Rebalance, rehydrate and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with Essential (saline) or Essential Plus (saline, vitamins, minerals). Rapidly relieves ailments, including cold or flu symptoms, jet lag, hangovers, headaches and food poisoning. Restore vigor and vitality.

Intravenous administration is the pinnacle of efficacy and efficiency to deliver indispensable fluids and nutrients into the body.

Immerse yourself in peaceful rejuvenation and emerge inspired.

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